Deputy Director of Research at the Law Reform Commission


Background Information on the post

The Law Reform Commission is a statutory body established by the Law Reform Commission Act 1975. The Commission has five members - the President, the Full-time Commissioner, and three part-time Commissioners.

Its role is to keep the law under independent, objective and expert review, to make consequent recommendations for law reform and to make current law accessible for all.


Job Function:

The Commission is seeking to fill a new and important research role of Deputy Research Director. The Deputy Research Director will play a key role in the work of the Commission, under the direction of the Director of Research. The Deputy Research Director will assist the team of legal researchers, with a view to assuring an appropriate output and quality of legal research work produced. This includes overseeing general background research for law reform projects by the legal research team and the preparation of draft Scoping Papers for those projects. It also involves providing editorial comments and assistance on the draft documents, consultative papers and Reports prepared by legal researchers for consideration by the Commission. Additionally, it includes assisting in drafting documents and conducting primary research when required, as well as contributing to solving problems that arise in the research process. The Deputy Research Director will thus play a key role in assisting the Commission to produce an expert and thoroughly researched body of work containing published proposals for law reform, and in ensuring that these contribute to the development of laws that are responsive to the contemporary and anticipated needs of society in Ireland.


The Information Booklet can be found in English here agus as Gaeilge anseo

The Application form can be found here agus as Gaeilge anseo

Closing Date: 27 April 2018