I2: Emigration



The Statute Law Revision Programme considers the instruments in this category to be suitable for revocation.


This category consists of orders and regulations relating to emigration from and to particular places within the then-British Empire. The instruments were made pursuant to prerogative authority.


The Statute Law Revision Programme consulted with the Department of Foreign Affairs on the instruments in this category. The Department agreed that all instruments were suitable for revocation.


Please note that spellings are recorded as they appear in the original print versions of the London Gazette and have not been standardised or modernised. The wording of the subject matter of instruments is not final and is subject to change.


Reference No.

Date and Citation

Subject Matter

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December 8, 1840 [L.G., Issue No. 19933, p. 3044]

Order revoking the order of September 30, 1839, as far as it relates to emigrants from Sierra Leone

London Gazette Issue No. 19933


July 31, 1841 [L.G., Issue No. 20005, p. 2022]

Regulations for emigrating to New South Wales on the Colonial Bounty

London Gazette Issue No. 20005