K9: Limerick Slaughterhouses



The Statute Law Revision Programme considers the instrument in this category to be suitable for revocation.


This category consists of bye-laws made by local government in Limerick regulating slaughterhouses. The instrument was made pursuant to the Limerick Improvement Act 1853 (16 & 17 Vict.) c. cxciv. This Act remains in force.

The Statute Law Revision Programme consulted with Limerick City and County Council on the instrument in this category. The Council agreed that the instrument was suitable for revocation.


Please note that spellings are recorded as they appear in the original print versions of the Dublin Gazette and have not been standardised or modernised. The wording of the subject matter of instruments is not final and is subject to change.



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December 11, 1854 [D.G., Issue No. 14841, p. 695]

Bye-laws of the corporation of Limerick for registering and regulating slaughter-houses and knackers' yards under the Limerick Improvement Act [1853 (16 & 17 Vict.) c. cxciv]