Q2: Warrants




The Statute Law Revision Programme considers the instruments in this category to be suitable for revocation


This category consists of a proclamation prohibiting sheriffs and justices of the peace from issuing warrants that omit to name the persons against whom they are granted.


The Statute Law Revision Programme consulted with the Department of Justice on the instrument in this category. The Department agreed that the instrument was suitable for revocation. 


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August 26, 1677 [P.O.I., Vol. 1, p. 379]

Form of Warrants Order 1677[i]




[i] The Form of Warrants Order 1677 was retained by the Statute Law Revision Act 2015. As statute law revision is an ongoing and continuous process, the Statute Law Revision Programme sought the view of the Department of Justice on whether it was still necessary to retain it. The Department considered that it was suitable for revocation.