U4: Lighthouses and Light Dues



The Statute Law Revision Programme considers the instruments in this category to be suitable for revocation


This category consists of orders relating to lighthouses and light dues. The instruments were made pursuant to section 397 of the Merchant Shipping Act 1854 (17 & 18 Vict.) c. 104 and section 8 of the Merchant Shipping (Amendment) Act 1855 (18 & 19 Vict) c. 91.[i]


The Statute Law Revision Programme consulted with the Department of Transport, and the Commissioners of Irish Lights on the instruments in this category. The Department and the Commissioners agreed that the instruments were suitable for revocation. 


Please note that spellings are recorded as they appear in the original print versions of the London Gazette and have not been standardised or modernised. The wording of the subject matter of instruments is not final and is subject to change. 


Reference No.

Date and Citation

Subject Matter

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June 26, 1855 [L.G., Issue No. 21737, p. 2495]

Order approving amended tables of light duties

London Gazette Issue No. 21737 


March 20, 1857 [L.G., Issue No. 21981, p. 1092]

Order reducing the light dues in accordance with the Merchant Shipping Act [1854 (17 & 18 Vict.) c. 104]

London Gazette Issue No. 21981 


April 6, 1858 [L.G., Issue No. 22126, p. 1834]

Order directing audit of the accounts for constructing and repairing lighthouses and buoys in the British colonies

London Gazette Issue No. 22126 


February 2, 1859 [L.G., Issue No. 22227, p. 479]

Order reducing the light dues payable in relation to lighthouses under the management of the General Lighthouse Authorities

London Gazette Issue No. 22227 



[i] These enactments were repealed by section 745 and schedule 22 of the Merchant Shipping Act 1894 (57 & 58 Vict.) c. 60. However, section 745(1)(a) of the 1894 Act is a saving provision, which provides that ‘[a]ny Order in Council, licence, certificate, byelaw, rule or regulation made or granted under any enactment hereby repealed shall continue in force as if it had been made or granted under this Act’.  The instruments’ parentage was transferred to equivalent provisions in the Merchant Shipping Act 1894, which remain in force. As a result, the instruments also remain in force.