Attorney General References

Under the 1975 Act, the Attorney General may also request the Commission to examine specific areas of law in addition to those in a Programme of Law Reform.  Below you will find a list of the all the references made by the Attorney General to the Law Reform Commission and the resulting Reports published.

Current Requests

The Commission is currently working on two separate referrals from the Attorney General relating to:

(1) sexual offences: consent, knowledge and belief, referred in April 2017 and
(2) defamation and court reporting, referred in December 2015


Matter Referred: Mandatory Sentencing

Resulting Report: Report on Mandatory Sentences (LRC 108-2013)


Matter Referred: Civil Liability of Good Samaritans and Volunteers (referred January 2006)

Resulting Report: Report on the Civil Liability of Good Samaritans and Volunteers (LRC 93-2009)


Matter Referred: Adoption Law: Recognition of Foreign Adoptions by Irish Citizens Abroad (referred November 2005)

Resulting Report: Report on Aspects of Intercountry Adoption (LRC 89-2008)


Matter Referred: Prosecution Appeals from unduly lenient sentences in the District Court

Resulting Report: Report on Prosecution Appeals and Pre-Trial Hearings (LRC 81-2006)

Matter Referred: The Establishment of a DNA Database

Resulting Report: Report on the Establishment of a DNA Database (LRC78-2005)


Matter Referred: To undertake a study to examine the possible benefits of a revenue court and a fiscal prosecutor

Resulting Report: Report on a Fiscal Prosecutor and a Revenue Court (LRC 72-2004)


Matter Referred: To undertake an examination of, and research in relation to, the law on limitation of civil actions as it relates to actions arising out of the abuse (other than sexual abuse) of children, the principles governing the matter and the approaches to the matter in other jurisdictions.

Resulting Report: Limitation of Actions (LRC 104-2011)


Matter Referred: 'Gazumping'

Resulting Report: Report on Gazumping (LRC 59-1999)


Matter Referred: The Statute of Limitation in cases in contract and tort involving latent damage other than personal injury

Resulting Report: Report on the Statute of Limitation: Claims in Contract and Tort in repect of Latent Damage (other than Personal Injury) (LRC 64-2001)

Matter Referred: Aggravated, Exemplary and Restitutionary Damages

Resulting Report: Report on Aggravated, Exemplary and Restitutionary Damages (LRC 60-2000)

Matter Referred: Overlap between damages award in personal injuries action and other benefits received by the plaintiff

Resulting Report: Report on the Civil Liability (Amendment) Act 1964: The Deductability of Collateral Benefits from Awards of Damages (LRC 68-2002)


Matter Referred: The Law Relating to Bail

Resulting Report: Report on an Examination of the Law of Bail (LRC 50-1995)


Matter Referred: The Law Relating to Occupiers' Liability

Resulting Report: Report on Occupiers' Liability (LRC 46-1994)


Matter Referred: The Law of defamation and contempt of court

Resulting Reports:


Matter Referred: Aspects of Criminal Law, including:

  1. sentencing policy;
  2. indexation of fines;
  3. confiscating and proceeds of crime; and
  4. whether there is need to revise or update the law relating to the various offences which are mainly governed by pre-1922 legislation, including, in particular, the laws relating to dishonesty, malicious damage and offences against the person

Resulting Reports:

Matter Referred: Sexual Offences Generally (Including in particular the law relating to rape and the sexual abuse of children)

Resulting Reports:

Matter Referred: The Law Relating to compensation for personal injuries cases including in particular:

  1. provision for periodic payments and the making of provisional awards; and
  2. the Statute of Limitations in cases of latent Personal Injury

Resulting Reports:

Matter Referred: The Law relating to Sheriffs, the collection of taxes and debt collection

Resulting Reports:

Matter Referred: Conveyancing Law and Practice, and where this could lead to savings for house purchasers

Resulting Reports:


Matter Referred: Nullity of Marriage

Resulting Report: Report on the Nullity of Marriage (LRC 9-1984)


Matter Referred: Prohibited Degrees of Relationship in Law of Marriage

Resulting Report: Report on the Nullity of Marriage (LRC 9-1984)


Matter Referred: Domicil of Married Women

Resulting Report: Report on Domicile and Habitual Residence as Connecting Factors in the Conflict of Laws (LRC 7-1983)

Matter Referred: The law relating to the the age of majority

Resulting Reports: