Attorney General References

Under the 1975 Act, the Attorney General may also request the Commission to examine specific areas of law in addition to those in a Programme of Law Reform.  Below you will find a list of the all the references made by the Attorney General to the Law Reform Commission and the resulting Reports published.

Current Requests

The Commission is currently working on a referral from the Attorney General relating to sexual offences: consent, knowledge and belief, referred in April 2017.


Matter Referred: Defamation and court reporting (referred December 2015)

Resulting Report: Report on Privilege for Reports of Court Proceedings under the Defamation Act 2009 (LRC 121-2019)


Matter Referred: Mandatory Sentencing

Resulting Report: Report on Mandatory Sentences (LRC 108-2013)


Matter Referred: Civil Liability of Good Samaritans and Volunteers (referred January 2006)

Resulting Report: Report on the Civil Liability of Good Samaritans and Volunteers (LRC 93-2009)


Matter Referred: Adoption Law: Recognition of Foreign Adoptions by Irish Citizens Abroad (referred November 2005)

Resulting Report: Report on Aspects of Intercountry Adoption (LRC 89-2008)


Matter Referred: Prosecution Appeals from unduly lenient sentences in the District Court

Resulting Report: Report on Prosecution Appeals and Pre-Trial Hearings (LRC 81-2006)

Matter Referred: The Establishment of a DNA Database

Resulting Report: Report on the Establishment of a DNA Database (LRC78-2005)


Matter Referred: To undertake a study to examine the possible benefits of a revenue court and a fiscal prosecutor

Resulting Report: Report on a Fiscal Prosecutor and a Revenue Court (LRC 72-2004)


Matter Referred: 'Gazumping'

Resulting Report: Report on Gazumping (LRC 59-1999)


Matter Referred: The Statute of Limitation in cases in contract and tort involving latent damage other than personal injury

Resulting Report: Report on the Statute of Limitation: Claims in Contract and Tort in repect of Latent Damage (other than Personal Injury) (LRC 64-2001)

Matter Referred: Aggravated, Exemplary and Restitutionary Damages

Resulting Report: Report on Aggravated, Exemplary and Restitutionary Damages (LRC 60-2000)

Matter Referred: Overlap between damages award in personal injuries action and other benefits received by the plaintiff

Resulting Report: Report on the Civil Liability (Amendment) Act 1964: The Deductability of Collateral Benefits from Awards of Damages (LRC 68-2002)


Matter Referred: The Law Relating to Bail

Resulting Report: Report on an Examination of the Law of Bail (LRC 50-1995)


Matter Referred: The Law Relating to Occupiers' Liability

Resulting Report: Report on Occupiers' Liability (LRC 46-1994)


Matter Referred: The Law of defamation and contempt of court

Resulting Reports:


Matter Referred: Aspects of Criminal Law, including:

  1. sentencing policy;
  2. indexation of fines;
  3. confiscating and proceeds of crime; and
  4. whether there is need to revise or update the law relating to the various offences which are mainly governed by pre-1922 legislation, including, in particular, the laws relating to dishonesty, malicious damage and offences against the person

Resulting Reports:

Matter Referred: Sexual Offences Generally (Including in particular the law relating to rape and the sexual abuse of children)

Resulting Reports:

Matter Referred: The Law Relating to compensation for personal injuries cases including in particular:

  1. provision for periodic payments and the making of provisional awards; and
  2. the Statute of Limitations in cases of latent Personal Injury

Resulting Reports:

Matter Referred: The Law relating to Sheriffs, the collection of taxes and debt collection

Resulting Reports:

Matter Referred: Conveyancing Law and Practice, and where this could lead to savings for house purchasers

Resulting Reports:


Matter Referred: Nullity of Marriage

Resulting Report: Report on the Nullity of Marriage (LRC 9-1984)


Matter Referred: Prohibited Degrees of Relationship in Law of Marriage

Resulting Report: Report on the Nullity of Marriage (LRC 9-1984)


Matter Referred: Domicil of Married Women

Resulting Report: Report on Domicile and Habitual Residence as Connecting Factors in the Conflict of Laws (LRC 7-1983)

Matter Referred: The law relating to the the age of majority

Resulting Reports: