Open competition for the appointment of: Legal Researcher (Statute Law Revision Programme)

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Open competition for appointment to the position of:


Legal Researcher (Statute Law Revision Programme)

(Temporary Full Time Two Year Contract)

in the

Law Reform Commission

Closing date: 11th March 2021 at 12 pm (noon)



Background Information on the Post

The Law Reform Commission is a statutory body established by the Law Reform Commission Act 1975. The Commission has five members - the President, the Full-time Commissioner, and three part-time Commissioners.

Its role is to keep the law under independent, objective and expert review, to make consequent recommendations for law reform and to make current law accessible for all.

The Statute Law Revision Programme (SLRP) is part of the Commission’s Access to Legislation division. Its purpose is to bring greater clarity to the Irish statute book by revoking obsolete and spent legislation inherited before the State came into existence in 1922. Since its initiation in 2003, the SLRP has resulted in the enactment of six Statute Law Revision Acts. The Statute Law Revision Acts 2005–2012 and 2016 addressed primary legislation. The Statute Law Revision Act 2015 addressed statutory and prerogative instruments (secondary legislation) made up to 1820.

Following on from the Statute Law Revision Act 2015, the current phase of the Statute Law Revision Programme examines statutory and prerogative instruments made between 1821 and 1922. It is anticipated that this work will result in at least two Statute Law Revision Bills. Completing the pre-1922 SLRP will provide a level of clarity for secondary legislation similar to that already achieved for primary legislation in previous Statute Law Revision Acts.


Role of a Legal Researcher (Statute Law Revision Programme)
Under the supervision of the SLRP Project Manager, the Legal Researcher will use historical materials, primarily the Dublin Gazettes and London Gazettes, to identify instruments, determine the applicability of identified instruments to Ireland, assess their current status in Irish law and make a recommendation as to their future status in the Irish statute book. The Legal Researcher will also be involved in consulting with Government Departments, local authorities, bodies, organisations and with members of the public.


Principal Duties
Successful candidates will:

  • use historical materials (in particular the Dublin Gazettes and London Gazettes) to establish the status of statutory and prerogative instruments from 1821 onwards,
  • assist in preparing the lists (schedules) of instruments recommended for revocation or retention in the Statute Law Revision Bills,
  • assist in stakeholder engagement and consultation,
  • provide an efficient, accurate and high quality research service to the Commission,
  • undertake such other duties as may from time to time be assigned by the Commission.


Please find the Information Booklet for this position here.
Please find the Application Form for this position here.

Please find the Irish version of Information Booklet for this position here.
Please find the Irish version Application Form for this position here.