How To View These Instruments

All of the instruments were originally published in the London Gazette or the Dublin Gazette (the precursor to the Iris Oifigiúil today).


The Dublin Gazette between 1821 and 1860 is available in hard copy only; however, we have digitised the instruments wherever possible. These digitised PDF files can be accessed by clicking on the file name where they are available. The Law Reform Commission wishes to acknowledge and thank the Oireachtas Library for loaning us the original bound volumes, which are of immense historical value.


To view the instruments which were originally published in the London Gazette, click on the link provided in the ‘Digital Version’ cell. This will direct the user to a PDF version of that London Gazette issue. The user can then scroll to the correct page number for the instrument within that issue, as indicated in the ‘Citation’ field. For example, where an instrument has the citation ‘September 17, 1821 [L.G., Issue No. 17747, p. 1881]’, clicking on the link will take the user to London Gazette Issue No. 17747. The instrument is printed on page 1881 of that issue.