Freedom of Information Act 2014

Freedom of Information Publication Scheme

Set out below is the publication scheme we are publishing under the FOI Act 2014. The scheme outlines a range of information about the Law Reform Commission -- our role and responsibilities, the information we hold, the information regularly sought from us, financial information, etc. It is categorised under six headings as recommended under Section 8 of the Act. 

If you are seeking information that is not currently made publicly available by the Law Reform Commission, you may consider making an FOI request. Our FOI guide and application form are included below. 

1) Role and Responsibilities

About Us

Type of Records held

Organisation Chart

Pay and Grading

Code of Practice

Contact Details


2) Our Services


Legislation Directory

Classified List of Legislation

Revised Acts


3) Financial Information

Information about our Grant

Financial Statements 2013

Financial Statements 2014

Financial Statements 2015

Prompt Payments 2017 Q1

Prompt Payments 2017 Q2

Prompt Payments 2017 Q3


4) Decision Making Process

Functions of the Commission

Decision Making Process of the Commission


5) Procurement

Procurement Policies

Current Tenders


6) Routinely Published Information

FOI Guide

FOI Application Form (English)

FOI Application Form (Irish)

FOI Disclosure Log

Commission's Reports

Commission's Issues Papers

Revised Acts

Annual Reports

Statement of Strategy

Protected Disclosures Document July 2017