Deadline for Submissions on the Commission's Consultation Paper on Unincorporated Associations Extended to 15 May 2023

By GavinWalsh, Tuesday, 28th February 2023 | 0 comments
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The Commission’s Consultation Paper on the Liability of Clubs, Societies and other Unincorporated Associations has generated considerable interest. As a result, and to facilitate as many consultees as possible making submissions in response to the questions posed in the Consultation Paper, the Commission has decided to extend the submission deadline to 15 May 2023.

A Consultation Paper contains an analysis of issues that the Commission considers arise in a particular law reform project, together with a series of questions intended to assist consultees. A Consultation Paper does not usually contain any settled view of the Commission. It is therefore intended to provide consultees with an opportunity to express their views and to make any related submissions on the questions that arise in the Consultation Paper.  Consultees need not answer all questions and are also invited to add any additional comments they consider relevant.

Submissions can be sent in either of the following ways:  (a) You can email your submission—in whichever format is most convenient to you—to the Commission at   or  (b) You can post your submission to:  Law Reform Commission,  Styne House,  Upper Hatch Street,  Dublin 2,  Ireland.