Joint Health Committee discusses LRC Project on A Regulatory Framework for Adult Safeguarding

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17022021 - Joint Committee on Health - President Laffoy






President Mary Laffoy, Commissioner Raymond Byrne and Commissioner Andrea Mulligan together with Rebecca Coen (Director of Research) and Leanne Caulfield (Legal Researcher) appeared before the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Health on 16th February 2021 to discuss the Commission's work on its fifth programme of law reform project: A Regulatory Framework for Adult Safeguarding.  You can view and listen to the proceedings by following this link, access the full transcript of the proceedings here, and access the text of the opening statement to the Committee as read by Ms Justice Mary Laffoy here

17022021 - Joint Committee on Health - Leanne Caulfield


The Commission is currently working on its final report on this project but for further background to this project you can access the press release issued at the time of the issues paper publication as well as the full text of the issues paper itself on the Commission’s website by following the link provided here. A plain language version of the issues paper can also be accessed here