Online Survey: Compensating Victims of Crime

By GavinWalsh, Wednesday, 23rd March 2022 | 0 comments
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We recently published a Consultation Paper on Compensating Victims of Crime

To facilitate as many people as possible to have their voices heard in the Law Reform Commission’s consultation process, we have designed a short survey in which respondents can indicate their reform preferences in broad terms.

The survey will take approximately ten minutes to complete.

The results will be anonymous and will be used to assist the Law Reform Commission in developing law reform proposals. The survey is available here.

If the process of completing this survey or sending a submission to the Law Reform Commission causes you any distress or upset, the Crime Victims Helpline will be able to assist you.

The experience of being a victim of violent intentional crime is traumatising. We hope that in conducting our research we will not add to that trauma, but reflecting on that experience and the compensation process that followed it might be upsetting. Should you require support, The Crime Victims Helpline is a confidential national helpline that offers support to victims of crime in Ireland. Their aim is to support, inform and empower victims of crime and those affected by crime. The helpline volunteers understand the issues and difficulties that victims of crime have to deal with.

The Helpline can provide details of victim support services available in your local area. They can tell you about specialist services for victims of particular crimes such as domestic violence, sexual abuse and rape.

How to contact the helpline:

Free Phone:                                   116 006

Text:                                                085 133 7711