Programmes of Law Reform

The Commission’s Programmes of Law Reform are the principal basis on which the Commission carries out its statutory mandate to keep the law under review with a view to its reform.  To date the Commission has prepared four Programmes of Law Reform, each of which has in accordance with the Law Reform Commission Act 1975 been approved by the Government and placed before the Houses of the Oireachtas.  For information on the Commission’s current projects see our Current Projects page and for information on our completed projects see our 'Search our Publications' hub. 

Fourth Programme of Law Reform 

The Commission has begun or completed work on all projects in its current Fourth Programme of Law Reform, which was approved by Government in 2013. The Commission has completed work on the projects on harmful communications and digital safety, disclosure and discovery in criminal cases and on aspects of succession law. It has also published consultative Issues Papers on other projects including regulatory enforcement and corporate offences, contempt of court and other offences involving the administration of justice, and on accessibility and online publication of legislation. 

Third Programme of Law Reform

The Commission’s work on its Third Programme of Law Reform, which was approved by Government in 2008, included projects on: Mediation and Conciliation, Consolidation and Reform of the Courts Acts, Criminal Law (murder and manslaughter, defences, and inchoate offences), Law of Evidence (hearsay, documentary and expert evidence), Children and Family Relationships, Multi-Unit Apartment Developments, Regulation of Professional Home Care, Personal Insolvency, and Consumer Insurance Contracts.

Second Programme of Law Reform

Between 2000 and 2008, the Commission’s work under its Second Programme of Law Reform included recommending reform of the law on cohabitants (same sex and opposite sex couples) and the law regulating apartment complex management companies. The Commission also recommended the development of a limited DNA Database.

First Programme of Law Reform 

In the 1980s and 1990s, the Commission's work under its First Programme of Law Reform included recommending the removal of the concept of illegitimacy from our law; and recommending reform of our criminal law, including the need for confiscating the proceeds of crime. HTML Version