Dynamic Purchasing System for Legal Research Expertise for the Law Reform Commission

By GavinWalsh, Tuesday, 3rd October 2023 | 0 comments
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The Law Reform Commission is currently seeking to compile a panel of legal experts from practicing solicitors or practicing barristers, academics, legal researchers, or anyone who can demonstrate expertise in one or more of the following areas of law:

  1. Knowledge of legislation, including legislative drafting, annotation and consolidation of legislation, and statute law revision

  2. Public law

  3. Commercial law

  4. Civil law

  5. Criminal law and contempt of court

  6. EU law

Interested parties are invited to use the Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) advertised on the Office of Government Procurement website here to register as a Supplier on the eTendering system and to participate in this DPS.

Please find a document containing some frequently asked questions about DPS for Legal Research Expertise for the Law Reform Commission here.

Please find step by step guidelines on how to register as a supplier with e-tenders.gov.ie here.