A1: All-Ireland and General



The Statute Law Revision Programme considers the instruments in this category to be suitable for revocation.


This category consists of proclamations prohibiting and discouraging criminal behaviour around Ireland and in the then-United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. The instruments were made pursuant to prerogative authority.


The Statute Law Revision Programme consulted with the Department of Justice on the instruments in this category. The Department agreed that the instruments were suitable for revocation.


Please note that spellings are recorded as they appear in the original print versions of the Dublin and London Gazette and have not been standardised or modernised. The wording of the subject matter of instruments is not final and is subject to change.


i. Instruments of the British Government in Ireland

Reference No.


Subject Matter

Digital Version


October 1, 1828 [D.G., Issue No. 11503, p. 683]

Proclamation suppressing meetings at which persons assume the appearance of military array and discipline



July 18, 1829 [D.G., Issue No. 11627, p. 437]

Proclamation suppressing meetings for commemorating political events or for manifesting particular political or religious opinions



June 24, 1837 [D.G., Issue No. 12840, p. 449]

Proclamation commanding all persons to abstain from forming in any processions on the first and twelfth days of July



August 12, 1837 [D.G., Issue No. 12858, p. 649]

Proclamation continuing the Party Processions (Ireland) Act [1832 (2 & 3 Will. 4) c. 118] until the end of the next session of parliament



July 10, 1838 [D.G., Issue No. 12952, p. 429]

Proclamation that the provisions of the Party Processions Act [1832 (2 & 3 Will. 4) c. 118] are in full force



June 26, 1839 [D.G., Issue No. 13053, p. 357]

Proclamation against illegal party processions



June 25, 1840 [D.G., Issue No. 13158, p. 393]

Proclamation against party processions or displays on July 1 and 12, 1840



July 7, 1840 [D.G., Issue No. 13161, p. 421]

Proclamation requiring the processions of the Temperance Society to obey the law on exhibiting party emblems and accompaniment by party tunes



April 27, 1841 [D.G., Issue No. 13246, p. 312]

Proclamation for apprehending the persons who transmitted a fraudulent circular to medical practitioners throughout Ireland



October 7, 1843 [D.G., Issue No. 13509, p. 645]

Proclamation cautioning all persons to abstain from attending a meeting to be held at Clontarf on October 8, 1843, for the alleged purpose of petitioning Parliament to repeal the legislative Union between Great Britain and Ireland



April 29, 1848 [D.G., Issue No. 14044, p. 477]

Proclamation declaring the illegality of clubs, national conventions, armed associations and cautioning all well-disposed persons against them



July 26, 1848 [D.G., Issue No. 14076, p. 797].

Proclamation suppressing certain clubs and national conventions and for apprehending all persons suspected of treasonable practices in Ireland



July 28, 1848 [D.G., Issue No. 14076, p. 801

Proclamation for apprehending William Smith O'Brien for having openly appeared in arms against Her Majesty



July 28, 1848 [D.G., Issue No. 14076, p. 801

Proclamation for apprehending Thomas Francis Meagher, John B. Dillon, and Michael Doheny, guilty of treasonable practices



August 1, 1848 [D.G., Issue No. 14079, p. 866]

Proclamation cautioning against assisting William Smith O'Brien, Thomas Francis Meagher and John B. Dillon to evade arrest



August 10, 1848 [D.G., Issue No. 14083, p. 921]

Proclamation for apprehending Richard O'Gorman Junior, guilty of treasonable practices



September 26, 1848 [D.G., Issue No. 14097, p. 1033

Proclamation for apprehending John O'Mahony, guilty of treasonable practices]



December 3, 1858 [D.G., Issue No. 15217, p. 2041]

Proclamation for the suppression of secret societies and of the administration of illegal oaths



ii. United Kingdom Instruments

Reference No.

Date and Citation

Subject Matter

Digital Version


November 21, 1831 [L.G., Issue No. 18876, p. 2421]

Proclamation prohibiting all voluntary associations under the denomination of political unions

London Gazette Issue No. 18876


May 3, 1839 [L.G., Issue No. 19730, p. 927]

Proclamation commanding all Justices of the Peace to enforce the law against unlawful meetings

London Gazette Issue No. 19730


March 7, 1850 [L.G., Issue No. 21075, p. 721]

Proclamation offering rewards to any party of any nationality who shall render efficient assistance to the crews of the Discovery ships under the command of Sir John Franklin, or who shall succeed in ascertaining their fate

London Gazette Issue No. 21075


February 8, 1855 [L.G., Issue No. 21660, p. 470]

Proclamation warning persons engaging in treasonable designs or attempts that they are liable to be apprehended and dealt with as traitors

London Gazette Issue No. 21660