Open Competition for Appointment to the Position of: Legal Researcher (Temporary Full-Time Three-Year Contract)

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Open competition for appointment to the position of:


Legal Researcher


(Temporary Full-Time Three-Year Contract)

 in the


Law Reform Commission


Closing date:  October 2nd at 12pm noon


The Law Reform Commission is committed to a policy of equal opportunity.


The Law Reform Commission will run this campaign in compliance with the Code of Practice for Appointment to Positions in the Civil Service and Public Service prepared by the Commission for Public Service Appointments (CPSA).


Codes of practice are published by the CPSA and are available on




TELEPHONE            01 6377609


Background Information on the post

The Law Reform Commission is a statutory body established by the Law Reform Commission Act 1975. The Commission has five members: the President, the Full-time Commissioner, and three part-time Commissioners.

Its role is to keep the law under independent, objective, and expert review, to make recommendations for law reform and to make current law accessible for all.


Role of Legal Researcher

Statute Law Revision Programme

Under the supervision of the SLRP Project Manager, the Legal Researcher will use historical materials, primarily the Dublin and London Gazettes, to identify instruments, determine the applicability of identified instruments to Ireland, assess their current status in Irish law and make a recommendation as to their future status on the Irish statute book. The Legal Researcher will also be involved in consulting with government departments, local authorities, bodies, organisations and members of the public.

Successful candidates will:

  • use historical materials (in particular the Dublin and London Gazettes) to establish the status of statutory and prerogative instruments from 1861 onwards,
  • assist in preparing the lists (schedules) of instruments recommended for revocation or retention in a Statute Law Revision Bill,
  • assist in stakeholder engagement and consultation,
  • provide an efficient, accurate and high-quality research service to the Commission,
  • undertake such other duties as may from time to time be assigned by the Commission.


Law Reform Research

Under the supervision of the Director of Research and Deputy Directors of Research, the Legal Researcher will carry out research and assist in preparing Consultation Papers and / or a Report or Reports for publication.  The Legal Researcher will be credited as a researcher on the project when a Consultation Paper or Report is published.

Current projects include:

  • A Regulatory Framework for Adult Safeguarding
  • Compensating Victims of Crime
  • Liability of Unincorporated Associations
  • Reform of Non-Court Adjudicative Bodies and Appeals to Courts
  • Third-Party Litigation Funding

The work of the Commission and its Legal Researchers involves extensive consultation with relevant people and bodies, including members of the public, Members of the Oireachtas, Government Departments, the legal profession and other relevant professions, industry, State bodies and NGOs. Comparative research on the laws of other jurisdictions is an essential part of the research process.  The Commission maintains extensive library resources for this purpose, including online resources such as HeinOnline, LexisNexis and Westlaw.

Researchers attend meetings of the Commission to discuss their work, including draft papers, and to receive direction.

Researchers will also contribute to the work of Access to Legislation, see below.  This work is currently assigned for periods of one or more months on a revolving basis among the researchers.  In addition, one researcher may be assigned to this work fulltime.


Access to Legislation

The Researcher will, under the supervision of the Access to Legislation Manager and Deputy Managers, contribute to the Commission’s important work on Access to Legislation which produces the Legislation Directory, Revised Acts and the Classified List of In-Force Legislation.   In relation to the Legislation Directory, this will involve detailed reading of legislation and noting of effects and other elements such as commencement information.   The work on Revised Acts will entail the analysis of amendments and other legislative effects and their incorporation using an XML authoring system.  Work on the Classified List will involve the use of an IT system to update and maintain the List.


Principal Duties

Under the supervision of the Access to Legislation Manager and the Director of Research successful candidates will:

  • provide an efficient, accurate and high-quality legal research service to the Commission,
  • prepare draft papers, Consultation Papers and Reports covering law reform,
  • maintain and update the Legislation Directory, Revised Acts, and Classified List,
  • attend and participate at conferences and meetings,
  • prepare for and facilitate seminars and meetings on behalf of the Commission, and
  • undertake such other duties as may from time to time be assigned by the Commission.


Qualifications and Experience

Essential Requirements

Candidates must, on or before 31st July, 2023

a) hold at least a 2:1 honours law degree (at least a Level 8 on the National Framework of Qualifications) or a recognised relevant professional legal qualification;


b) Have demonstrable experience in conducting in-depth legal research and analysis gained either through relevant undergraduat or post-graduate studies or through conducting legal research and analysis in a practical professional context.


In addition, candidates must possess and be able to demonstrate:

  • An extensive and broad ranging knowledge of Irish law and the Irish legal system (including EU Law) and, ideally, knowledge of the ECHR system,
  • Strong research and analytical skills with excellent attention to detail,
  • Strong information technology skills and demonstrated experience of using a wide range of relevant information sources and online legal research tools and databases,
  • The ability to write and present research/information/analysis in a concise, accessible, and plain-English style,
  • The ability to exercise integrity and professional judgement, and deliver high quality work in a fast-paced work environment,
  • The ability to plan, prioritise and monitor tasks in a systematic and organised way in order to deliver work against tight deadlines,
  • Enthusiasm, high motivation and capacity to work independently and as part of a team, and
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.


Key Competencies for effective performance as a Legal Researcher

The attention of candidates is drawn to the key competencies that are applicable to this post:

  • Leadership Potential
  • Analysis & Decision Making
  • Delivery of Results
  • Interpersonal & Communication Skills
  • Specialist Knowledge, Expertise and Self-Development
  • Drive & Commitment to Public Service Values


Faigh an Leabhrán Faisnéise don phost seo anseo.
Faigh an Fhoirm Iarratais don phost seo anseo.

Please find the Information Booklet for this position here.
Please find the Application Form for this position here.